FOUNDED AND RUN: Coin Phrases on the point of art. Check it out please.

PENSIONS AGELeading magazine for pension funds, consultants and advisors to those funds (UK) + EUROPEAN PENSIONSEurope’s highly authoritative information source for pension decision makers

Scottish council fund seeks legal advice on tobacco investment

Investor confidence in property down

Pension saving tax relief ‘costly and ineffective’

Pensions are too complex

Young people need wake-up call on cost of retirement

Pension funds reluctant to challenge executive pay

More needs to be done on climate change, urge investors

Stories and games key to financial literacy

Gender gap increases as women need to work 7 months longer

JLT white paper recommends five pension policies to avoid retirees in mass poverty

UK out of double-dip recession but will be in depression until 2014

Lack of straightforward definitions biggest challenge to ethical investing

Sustainable funds perform similarly to conventional funds under new methodology

Public Service Pensions Bill 2013 published

Review: Mixed coverage on auto-enrolment in national press

WANNABEHACKS – a living, breathing journalism resource, written by aspiring journalists

Why I nearly gave up on journalism

THE WEST LONDONER – Independent journalists covering news in West London and beyond.

Weekly Crime Round-Up 

Founding father of GP and carer to Sylvia Plath dies aged 92

Will Self and his children escape as his house crashes down

Student cleared of exam fraud… because no money was involved

Paddington police payout after student arrested for filming

The Hammersmith Flyover: why was it closed and what’s happening? FEATURE

X Factor’s Johnny lights up Harrow!

Liquid and Envy nightclub parent enters administration

Decapitated wallaby found in Ealing animal park

Abandoned kittens get second chance at life

BEATWOLF – A cutting-edge, young, tech savy group of kids who think we have our finger(s) on the pulse of the music scene.

Neonfly: Don’t be afraid to stand and face the masses EXCLUSIVE

New band Ruse of Fools have a Happy Song or two…

Get back into the rhythm of things… Pete and the Pirates in London

NEW EMPRESS – The film magazine that breaks convention

Film rises from the ashes of the Sony fire

Gone with the Wind review FEATURE (Magazine Issue 4, Dec)

ENFIELD INDEPENDENT (Newsquest) – Local news, information and more through a network of known and trusted print, online and mobile media

Palmers Green artist celebrates 90th birthday

Enfield grandmother criticises in-patient care at Barnet Hospital

Wildlife survival walk in Trent Park on Friday

Charity worked from Enfield to help Haitian earthquake victims

Mother takes the plunge for cancer awareness

Sarah Bouette to compete in London Marathon to raise money for Sue Ryder Care

How dangerous are London’s foxes? VIDEO

MOVIE RAMBLINGS – film reviews, news and opinions

Behind the Scenes – Brit Movie Tours FEATURE

HILLINGDON & UXBRIDGE TIMES (Newsquest) – Local news, information and more through a network of known and trusted print, online and mobile media brands

Play On: Drink to the pleasures of a classical 60th birthday FEATURE

Hillingdon Music Service: Waiting for the beat FEATURE

Hillingdon’s high streets get set for the Royal Wedding FEATURE

Artsweek: what happened?

Calls for increased control over chewing ‘drug’ khat

The Royal Wedding hosted by Hillingdon Council

Help is at paw for Uxbridge Pets Corner

Tougher restrictions for Hillingdon strip clubs

Penalty fine for spitting on Hillingdon streets

Protestors discuss HS2 at exhibition

Meeting on high speed rail link this week

THE AUCKLANDER – The voice of Auckland’s everyday people in news about education, transport, local government, health and medical facilities, law changes and social trends.

Optimistic Light FEATURE

All work, no play

Skip to the loo

Petal to the metal

Weekend Freedom FEATURE on free things I did in Auckland city

Art’s therapeutic value

Chance in Dragon’s gar-den

Walk down the isle

TRIP ADVISOR – Reviews and advice on hotels, resorts, flights, holiday rentals, holiday packages, travel guides, and lots more.

Harry Potter in London – it makes you believe he really is.

THE SPOOF – Providing an irreverent and satirical slant to the current big news stories throughout the world.

Teachers Slammed: Leek delivers blistering verdict…


Amanda Leek wanted to have her say…

THE UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND – The University’s 360° Auckland Abroad Student Exchange programme.

Student exchange testimonial


strong submissions, story gathering abilities and a maturing writing style” – Richard Parsons, Course Director


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