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The problem isn’t the robots…it’s the bosses –


Tu me manques.

This English teacher is awesome.

Stories of Words and Dreams



Easily the most frustrating thing about speaking French for me is that my limited vocabulary prevents me from being able to express myself as well as I would like at times. I have to be very literal, because the expressions that I use in English can’t be translated and I have not yet mastered the French ones.

As I spend more time immersed in the French language (although I am occasionally accosted in Dutch and that’s a whole other kettle of brain-warping fish), I am gaining new experiences with each word that I speak. I am forging links with the language that I am using through different contexts and different people. I am developing a more profound understanding of the nuances in the language. When I speak, I don’t always have a clear English translation for what I am saying. At least not in the forefront of my mind anyway. This…

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Whole Planet Foundation’s Annual Prosperity Campaign

Such a wonderful organisation and a great perspective here.


Win a trip to Mexico to see Whole Planet Foundation’s work! See details at bottom of post.

Whole Planet Foundation, the social good arm of US-based Whole Foods Market, launched their 8th Annual Prosperity Campaign last week. With the goal of alleviating poverty by providing microcredit in communities around the world that supply Whole Foods Market stores with products, this year’s Prosperity Campaign aims to raise enough money to help 250,000 people and runs from February 20-March 31st. The Prosperity Campaign is Whole Planet’s largest fundraising drive providing 80% of their revenue that is given back to their suppliers.

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Lessons Learned In Art and Cartooning

I liked this.

Bill Abbott Cartoons

When I really got focused and started in cartooning in the middle of 2008, I’d decided to try a different route than most others who came before me. It seemed to me that submitting to syndicates ad nauseum and receiving the river of rejection letters wouldn’t get me where I wanted to go. I looked at the problem from a different angle and tried to find a different path to success. I’d read about licensing and the incredible financial possibilities and results gained by some of the more recognizable cartoon characters.

Its All On My Blog

So, in early 2009 I went all in. I approached a number of licensing agents, approached some major companies, and started to see some pretty amazing opportunities appear. I had the great good fortune to see my work appear on greeting cards, calendars, figurines, coffee mugs and a whole bunch of other stuff. It appeared I was well on my…

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HELLO! This is me.

HELLO! Do you need a freelance journalist (NCTJ), copywriter, marketer, blogger, or teacher of English to foreign students? – That’s what I do! Mostly in the field of arts, culture, ethics and finance, and I’m looking for new work. Email me below.

I also do poetry, you can catch me performing around London sometimes.

This is me:


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Want to know more on the point of art? Me too! See me at my blog Coin Phrases

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Crow, Baby, Crow

This was nice to read today, timeless despite last year’s date.

Truth and Cake

Do you ever have days (or whole years, entire decades) where you feel like that rooster in the middle, attempting to prance around with the pretty pink flamingos, hoping no one notices that you look decidedly different?
I sure do. In fact, I’ve felt “different” my entire life. I wanted to be the flamingo, but I just wasn’t. I was the rooster. Even as a young, blonde Marsha Brady look-alike, I was bullied.  Yep, I was actually barked at like a dog. I knew that it wasn’t because I was ugly.  It had to do with the way I saw the world and my inability to conform to other people’s expectations. Something about me made the flamingos nervous.
It was only once I learned to embrace my roosterness that I started coming into my own, speaking my mind with confidence and passion. I was able to flip the…

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