Tu me manques.

This English teacher is awesome.

Stories of Words and Dreams



Easily the most frustrating thing about speaking French for me is that my limited vocabulary prevents me from being able to express myself as well as I would like at times. I have to be very literal, because the expressions that I use in English can’t be translated and I have not yet mastered the French ones.

As I spend more time immersed in the French language (although I am occasionally accosted in Dutch and that’s a whole other kettle of brain-warping fish), I am gaining new experiences with each word that I speak. I am forging links with the language that I am using through different contexts and different people. I am developing a more profound understanding of the nuances in the language. When I speak, I don’t always have a clear English translation for what I am saying. At least not in the forefront of my mind anyway. This…

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