Crow, Baby, Crow

This was nice to read today, timeless despite last year’s date.

Truth and Cake

Do you ever have days (or whole years, entire decades) where you feel like that rooster in the middle, attempting to prance around with the pretty pink flamingos, hoping no one notices that you look decidedly different?
I sure do. In fact, I’ve felt “different” my entire life. I wanted to be the flamingo, but I just wasn’t. I was the rooster. Even as a young, blonde Marsha Brady look-alike, I was bullied.  Yep, I was actually barked at like a dog. I knew that it wasn’t because I was ugly.  It had to do with the way I saw the world and my inability to conform to other people’s expectations. Something about me made the flamingos nervous.
It was only once I learned to embrace my roosterness that I started coming into my own, speaking my mind with confidence and passion. I was able to flip the…

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