Flash fiction: Unflinching faith in the brakes

A flash fiction challenge Down The TV Tropes Rabbit Hole accepted: to write a story (~1000 words) from a random TV Trope. 

I got: Unflinching Faith in the Brakes:

The screech of brakes was loud.

She turned in surprise to see the familiar blue BMW convertible racing towards her. He was waving to her rapidly, his sensuous hair blowing in the wind and his eyes wide looking straight at her.

She waved back. Her instincts told her to step out the way but when their eyes met she stopped. The car appeared to speed up. Surely not, she thought, unable to really gauge the speed of cars and anyway having complete faith in his abilities to stop in front of her. She refused to accept he wouldn’t stop. And she was determined to stand her ground.

He felt sick. The brakes had only been fixed yesterday. He hadn’t really tested them. They wouldn’t fail him, would they?

Passers-by started to stop in their tracks as the BMW flew past and they spotted the pretty, dreamy woman staring at it from the middle of the road.

He had wanted to test her resolve, she was sure of it. He was the dangerous and thrilling man and she wanted to be more daring to rise up to the challenge. But this was love, not murder. He would stop, wouldn’t he?

Her parents had warned this relationship was a car crash. He pumped his brakes slightly and the car jolted. That wasn’t normal. His hand flailed for the handbrake and slipped, and the BMW bumped on a pothole. She didn’t move. He shouted: “No! Move!” and she flinched and stepped back as he spun the car off onto the pavement and up against the tree.

Her body sank before her heart did.

It had been no game of chicken; she could have been killed. But she was more disappointed in the fact she had flinched.


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