Coin Phrases: Invest in your own words (my new, serious blog)!

Announcement: I have started a new, serious blog: COIN PHRASES: Invest in your own words.

I take notes on creativity, careers and cash to help you, arty types and dreamy professionals, do your best work. 

(this will continue as my sporadic, more personal one)

Creativity, careers and cash; the overlap and the ideas. I will talk about saving money, improving creative work and taking a leap of courage to make investments in ourselves. I will take notes on what it means to live a richer life and create a richer culture and how we could begin to define what art, and fun, and play, is worth.

My posts will veer between a service to you and my narcissism, comedy and tragedy, silliness and seriousness. But I am committed to this like I’m committed my work and I will report as a journalist, market at your service, freestyle as a creative writer and observe as a human being. Sometimes my word will be jumbled; that’d be a poem.

This blog will evolve, and get better, as my explorations reveal more about myself, and about you. There is space here for arty and dreamy types, professionals and those who live bravely, and I believe there is a bit of that in most people. How much do you let it out to play? I want to know. In learning about you I will learn about me. Just like me, this blog will be flawed, it will improve, and it will grow. I hope I can help you do that, too.
Please check it out, subscribe, contribute and/or send me admiration! :D


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