What I want in 2013

Do you have an ‘ideal me’ to aspire to? Let me guess. It’s you, but a better you; you with a few less financial worries; you with a bit more of a balance between work and leisure; a fitter, healthier you. – SpringDay

Found: Resolutions scattered through my 2012 notes. What are yours?

To get rid of self-doubt and feel secure, confident and refreshed.

To feel fit and work on that in every in every spare moment – and to eat for energy. To have more energy, like a squirrel.

To dance, sing and play more music, to improvise for fun and to be spontaneous, to randomly strum my guitar or play my piano more.

To create a beautiful home and work space, one that is calm and reminds me of all things that make me feel authoritative, happy and inspired. To scribble and draw ideas and pictures, create and appreciate more art, and surround myself with ideas, interesting things and fun, to be more random but also more tidy, to be clean and refreshing, with a spark of energy in every moment of life. To nourish buds of ideas into their fullest flowers; to work consistently on a flow of ideas.

To develop, grow and have more fun in the space inside my head. Grow that space and free it from distractions from outside of just being myself, just being.

To be contagious in vivacity and to jump around more, like a squirrel on coffee.




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