Poem: My heart is bursting

I need to ration my euphoria


It rip a tear through the world. Beyond what I can feel.

I can’t believe where I’ve been

Where I have made it from

And this

Is the moment where I make it.

Cue the music smashing bass to the dramatic scenes exploding in my mind

On a stage I allowed to stay

Something is shaking me like salt and pepper

A deep stir shaking into an unearthly quake

A spiritual horizon budding, thudding, raking

Out of every step I uncover.

Ram my senses with obliterating screams

As I quietly bloom into a new skin, soft as velvet, twice as beautiful, twice as shy

I am submerged in bubbles from when I realised I can survive when all my bubbles burst

And now I am submerged, unafraid of the water, splashing through the immensity of life

I love every haphazard of minute of this hated clock scraping away delicate sides of my heart and revealing a little bit more, making me bleed a little bit more.

Because for the first time in my life

I know exactly who I am.


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