Album Review: Citizens! ‘Here We Are’.

Listened to Citizens! ‘Here We Are’ on NME here.

The opening track instantly grabs me with a cute, playful rhythm that really got me dancing and dreaming with the fairy-tale glockenspiel sounds. The song unfolded into unrelenting layers and it seemed to me whole-heartedly original, sincere and happy. The floppy haired and stylish band are far from quiet acoustics but pack a surprising amount of bounce.

The entire album continues and will not fail to lift my spirits with a sprinkling of kick-ass beats, cute combinations of magical sounds and wistful vocals they mix up with flagrant expertise.

Reptile is instantly catchy and made me want to dance to do more justice to this song than a mere play button. It’s soulful and the hook in their voice as they sing ‘reptile’ in different ways just makes me want to sing – but the bridge in the middle is so fantastic I’m determined to make this a classic shared experience on karaoke. It will be in my house, anyway. Anyone want to sing with me?

The rest is reminiscent of the very best, most fun indie bands. I can imagine them marching along the stage and singing Caroline or I Wouldn’t Want To similar to Pete and the Pirates live. I love the way they mix up the end of lines in a suitably cavalier and carefree attitude to art and unpredictability.

We stopped making sense. We never made any sense. – Caroline

And Love You More – you had me at the vaguely sinister steely drums, smooth rhythm and vaguely accusatory lyrics. It makes me want to be taught salsa on the Bahamas by a dancer who leads me into a cabin… No, I will love you more, baby.

Ironically though, Let’s Go All The Way definitely left me wanting more. A gently lullaby and sweet child-like bridge solo melted my heart.


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