About me, and my work

Do you work for the arts, culture, society, politics, environment or animals?

Chances are, I


want your attention.

Did you get my CV?

I’m still available – as your best bet for journalism, writing, marketing and PR.

I’ll focus, learn your industry quickly to hook your audience and keep them coming back for more online and in real life. I’ll combine intellect (complete with glasses) with creativity (bring me my palette). I’ll work ridiculously hard for you. And inject fun into everything.

Don’t believe me?

Email me at aleek@myway.com to discuss.

Who am I? What am I doing?

I assist the editor at The West Londoner with editing and proofreading, I’m responsible for the Weekly Crime Roundup and I freelance mostly on crime, arts and animals.

I’m working on a 1-hour play, commissioned by an amateur New Zealand production company but I’ll be pitching it to London when I’m done – you see it here first! It’s a crime reporter with an existential career crisis flirting with an aspirational waitress, both faced with a brutal dilemma of objective journalism.

What have I achieved?

1,000 words written of 1-hour play script commissioned by amateur production co.

250+ followers on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. More contacts in real life.

100 hours Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualification from I-to-I (2011)

50+ articles(including 2,000 word features) published online and in print newspapers and magazines on local news, crime, society, music, film, arts, culture, and animals.

20 pagemarket research report on risk technology in banks researched & drafted.

18 months in multimedia journalism, writing, website planning, marketing, research.

6 week journalism internship – New Zealand

5 months NCTJ Multimedia Journalism from London’s no.1 journalism college (2011)

4 years financial, office, retail and charity customer service, admin, reception & data.

3 monthsto get to100 wpm shorthand (2011)

2:1 Bachelors of Artsin English and Philosophyfrom New Zealand’s no.1 University

Blog on the personal and professional with 12 subscribers w/in 18 months, over 70 posts, 15+ daily views average, 100+ comments. Video news on London foxe,s among first to pass NCTJ video-journalism, photos published and illustration published with my writing and journalism. Conceptual sketches for corporate web campaigns.

And I’ve only just started.


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