The soundtrack of 2011: You decide Amanda’s Top 24

What’s this year been like for you?

Moshing to *that* metal mayhem, crying over *that* beautiful ballad, chilling to *those* astral acoustics or, perhaps, clubbing to *that* cream?

I want to make the ultimate 2011 playlist – to ruthlessly cull the best of this year’s songs down to 20.

But I need your help.

Here’s my playlist as it stands:

I’ll listen to you, Beatwolf readers, and you alone. I will let YOU order this playlist to YOUR recommendations, votes or abuse (go for it) by your comments on this article or, you can go to the list on YouTube and like the videos, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Best song this year? Is it there? If so, I’ll bump it up the playlist order. If it’s not there, tell me, and I’ll add it on.

And that’s not all, just wait until the 30th December…

On the 30th December, I will ruthlessly cull every single song under the 20th mark. Like brushing away the snow to reveal buried treasure, we will then reveal The Official Top 20 of 2011 – and your number one.

I will also include notable comments, wit or abuse (go for it) in my story of how we got there.



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