How to write an article…


 >>>—————————–>                 •                    <—————————<<<


 … so that when people read it they go, “wow, she’s got a point!”


3 thoughts on “How to write an article…

  1. Hmmm I don’t know… I’m not quite sure where my blog is going.
    And I can’t see any categories? But I think something to do with literary-ness. I plan on bringing up stories and talking about books and languages and stuff.

  2. Oh hai :D
    I have a blog now. EEEEE exciting! I think I shall start a section for writing.
    I currently have a section for dreams. It’s hilarious. You should read.

    • Wow after that hit of insightful dreams (maybe?), I have a dilemma. What category to put you under on my list ( > see right > ).
      Actually, scrap that, the sublime cannot be categorised and I’ve ditched the categories.


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