“Movie-like acts of espionage…”





and “TWICE” is the only way to graduate!

The Story…

What Agent A-girl does know: She will miss her graduation ceremony in New Zealand.

But what she doesn’t know: A band of super secret agents are quietly preparing… to KICK ASS.

If she can’t go to the ceremony…

they’ll bring a ceremony to her.

A tense backdrop of an edge-of-seat courier race begins the entire epic. Traversing the 11682   miles (18800 km) from Auckland to London in a mere 20 days, the authentic gown and cap from A-girl’s own University is expected. This gown, complete with pink satin and white fur trim, means a lot to A-girl –  and no one knows this better than her mother. Superstar actress M delivers a breath-taking performance as her mother juggling time-differences and technology to make it on time.

M also finds links to the Nottingham graduation teddy industry – through A & Z. They team-up to play her on-screen cousins and do a brilliant job. Much praise in particular is due to A’s performance, and for bringing the cameo appearance of Happy Frog.

The on-screen mother also co-ordinates a top secret, highly professional, studio photo shoot. (Pending cap and gown delivery).

Meanwhile. She’s not the only trained spy…

… B (007) plays the brother, with love interest played by S, and they wow audiences.


There’s no back-up if it doesn’t fit.

They need to take her measurements. Without her.

On-screen brother Agent B is onto it. He measures A-girl’s head with such nonchalance, such brotherly silliness, and such impeccable timing (which is hard to explain)… that he gets away with it. Completely.

As Agent A-girl continues with her day job (because spy missions are currently thin on the ground), M also makes some sneaky calls to certain Auckland Agents…

Love interest Bambi plays a trump card with a novel idea. Gathering A-girl’s friends, Sassy S, Cat-girl, Danz, Shtevio and Si-boy, they deliver a star-studded, sensational performance in a feature-within-a-feature. A cinematic breakthrough – they create a camcorder video especially for A-girl from pure kind heartedness, effort and skillz. And randomness. And iced coffee.

But nothing goes smoothly. Of course, life would be boring if it did, wouldn’t it?

The moments of doubt and tensions and nail-biting stress are precisely the moments that reveal the reality behind the characters. Their epic resourcefulness, their strength and willpower, their timing… and their big hearts. Selflessness, just for A-girl. The thought, the skill, the love that went into this careful planning is best in the making.

The hefty price tag and “guaranteed delivery” take on a futile meaning as the gown and cap are lost in transit. All tracking communication fails. The days close in. It’s held somewhere between Customs and where it should be.

Bambi and Pretty Cat, on the other side of the world, have technical production issues, and the video is delayed.

And when A bursts into a heart-breaking moment of soul-searching sobs at midnight before the big day, M nearly undoes all the hard work…but she doesn’t crack. Under pressure.


The no-holds-barred climax doesn’t disappoint.

A mere hour before the main event, M receives the news that the gown and cap are at Welwyn Garden City. With a mere 30 minutes until the Depot shuts, B (007) and S ramp up the accelerator for the most thrilling, most exciting, and most touching car race from the outskirts of London to save it.

But even better. The British realism. The ironical twist.

They get stuck in London Saturday morning traffic.

As everything converges to the end result… M puts on a delightful culinary banquet as an aside to all her other hard work… A & Z arrive on the scene as the lovely, witty and best cousins… a Galaxy-and-Maltesers handcrafted Chocolate Cheesecake sits on the back seat of B (007)’s car… cosmic jewellery lights up the stars… the cap-and-gown time bomb ticks nearer and nearer to time…

But whether they make it or not, one thing is for certain.

The re-scheduled studio photo shoot means…

… A-Girl Only Graduates Twice.

Presented by A. LEEK. Directed by M and Agent B. Produced by M, B, S, A & Z. Guest production by Bambi, Sassy S, Pretty Cat, Danzo, Shtevio and Si-boy.

What The Critics Said…

“…as you can see Happy Frog had to get in on the act!  It was a lovely day for a lovely lady” – Happy Frog and I (click link for this post)

“How fabulous is your mother for getting that all the way from KIWI LAND?!” – Total Bambi

“Catherine haz smooth transitions on the windows movie maker and on ze dance floor.” – Bambi Law Review

“Surprise! MmHmm!” – Dan Man

“YAY!!” – Cat-Art-this

“Girl, you’re looking super hot!!!” – Ego Sapien Express

“So… slick” and “Congratulations, YOU WON UNIVERSITY!” – The Bunnybeating Times

“Woah! The hottest graduand I’ve seen!” – Sophilosophy Now

What A Leek says…

x With LOADS of love! x


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