Poetic Impression, at Auckland’s Writers & Readers Festival 2008

At the Civic Centre, Auckland City, June 2008 I wanted to observe the open mike poetry readings at the Auckland’s Writers and Readers Festival. Upon wishing I had brought some poems made earlier, I thought, no, I can improvise. Encapsulate this moment, fresher than poems from past moments. And my eyes settled on a particularly nice looking young stranger sitting at the opposite end of the hall, and I wrote this, off the cuff, and jumped on stage.

You stepped with refreshing vigour
In those trendy cool boots
That stomp the cobwebs from my daydream
And my eyes are hooked.

You seem the dreamy epitome
Of ravishing cute looks in a
Fresh face
Bursting with wispy poetics
That solidify in hard drinking.
The type
That wakes up naked in satin sheets
With strong, bitter coffee
And a shot of whisky
And a hoarse voice
That curls with passion and virility.

With the semi-pretentious blazer
Bought with decisive masculinity
In a trendy, hot department store.
And afterwards I can picture you
A loner sitting on the cobbled steps
By a fountain in the sun
Sipping coffee or smoking
You must have one of those artistic vices.

Or maybe you simply watch
Intensely, with dark penetrating eyes
Under your dark mop of hair

At women, with passion
For someone like me.

But you remain sitting with your back to me
Until time, the curtain on the stage,
Strangles my wild fantasies.
Like a snake,
With fangs of cool indifference.


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