A (lack of) love for literature

The prolific lecturer’s neutrality resounds

Numbing the tide of questions.
We have in the vicinity
Limitless interpretations and multitudinous meanings
Why pick neutrality?
Safe, conservative, numb, just getting through the working day.
Driving people to pull the plug on passion.
So we can redirect ourselves
Into deadlocks where dissatisfaction
Is injected with commercial motivation.
So we don’t require
The application of the heart in human society

What happens to us when we read this?
These pages before us in an English Literature class
Are just buried beneath buzzwords.

The most brilliant thing
A love of literature
Cast aside.

On a day out of class
I find myself
Drinking commodities out of plastic cups
As a moneyed hub buzzes around us.
I sit with a friend
She speaks of music, I speak of poetry
Finely tuned words harmonic
A spark in specialties.

I’m doing English Literature
But literary passion embodied by an institution
Seems to be shrinking
And I’m losing my English accentuation

Yet even an academic fixation on buzzwords
Has not swamped my raison d’etre here.
My love of literature.


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